River' Edge Goat Dairy Cheeses

All our cheeses are made on our farm using only milk from River's Edge goats.
Our high quality goat milk from our grass fed goats makes the most delicious cheeses.
We have more than 20 varieties of cheese, from creamy, fresh chevre to salty feta, blues to cheddar to mild melting cheese, halloumi style Grillin' Goat to camembert.
Our signature cheese Pippa is a must have with a glass of white wine.
We have cheese to please almost anyone!

  • River's Edge Goat Dairy is an award-winning family farm just outside Arthur, Ontario.
    Or visit us at the Guelph Farmer's Market!

  • At River's Edge, goat milk is produced and processed with such care and attention that it tastes completely different to goat milk found in grocery stores. Sweet and Fresh!

  • The best tasting goat milk, fresh cheeses & yogurt are all made on the farm with milk from River's Edge goats. Come to the farm and try a sample. You won't believe it's goat milk!