River' Edge Goat Meat

Goat meat has less fat and cholesterol than chicken or any of the red meats. Our meat is very lean and mild tasting. It melts in your mouth. Delicious!

Goat meat is much lower in saturated fats than the rest of the commonly consumed meats including chicken with the skin off.
It has an excellent ratio of polyunsaturated to saturated fats making it a very healthy choice of meat.

If you like lamb or venison, you'll love our goat meat!

Our meat goats are raised outside on grassy pasture in the nice weather and are fed hay from our farm in the winter. Good grass, sunshine and lots of care allow us to produce goat products with the top quality taste and nutrition you're looking for.
Our meat is sold frozen by the cut. Prices range from $23-$42 per kg ($10-$19 per pound) depending on the cut.

Some of the cuts we have available are:

Boneless Leg
Shoulder Roasts and Chops
Rack of Ribs
Rib Chops
Loin Roasts and Chops
Shank We also have grass fed lamb from our neighbour and whey-fed pork raised on our farm available seasonally.
  • River's Edge Goat Dairy is an award-winning family farm just outside Arthur, Ontario.
    Or visit us at the Guelph Farmer's Market!

  • At River's Edge, goat milk is produced and processed with such care and attention that it tastes completely different to goat milk found in grocery stores. Sweet and Fresh!

  • The best tasting goat milk, fresh cheeses & yogurt are all made on the farm with milk from River's Edge goats. Come to the farm and try a sample. You won't believe it's goat milk!